More than a chair

We take a holistic approach

Health, comfort and advice

Sitting on a ball is extremely good for your back, but you do that at the physiotherapist’s, not in your office. You can’t let your posture become a distraction there. That’s why having an ergonomic office chair isn’t an unnecessary luxury. But what’s the point if the chair isn’t properly set up? That’s why all TERGON office chairs come with three guarantees: health, comfort and advice.


TERGON gezondheid

A wealth of knowledge from doctors and physiotherapists goes into TERGON office chairs. One area where you can see this is in the techniques we apply: backrests with adjustable height, adjustable seats, motion modules and adjustable armrests. TERGON office chairs support good posture and stimulate movement in your back. Your shoulder, neck and back muscles become looser, preventing painful tension from building up. Moving the spine strengthens the muscles and keeps the intervertebral discs supple and agile. Hernias won’t stand a chance.

Our chairs have been tested and assessed by a number of specialist services. Dr Roland Nowak, company physician at the Asklepios Langen-Seligenstadt hospitals, says: “Our physiotherapists unanimously praised the biomechanical composition of these office chairs. The adjustable backrest resistance, in particular, ensures the lumbar lordosis is helpfully supported. This guarantees users will sit dynamically with different pressure on the paravertebral postural muscles.”


comfort TERGON

All the materials we use when producing our chairs are carefully chosen. For example, the moulded foam used in the seat and backrest comes from Norway. It has the exact properties we wanted for our TwinComfort system. It is specially processed, meaning it always goes back to its original tension, even after years of use. Think of it the same way you think of your mattress. It is also made up of a number of layers to give your back the support and comfort it needs.

The TwinComfort system makes your office chair one-of-a-kind. You won’t find another chair like it. It is made up of two layers:

  • A core, made from permeable comfort foam
  • A 10 mm thick temperature-regulating comfort fleece

These ensure your back gets exactly the support it needs. As we said before: you don’t sit in a TERGON office chair, it fits around your body. You’ll quickly forget that you’re even sitting down.



TERGON office chairs are easy to set up, but we’re happy to visit in person to give you some tips. For example, if you ask to test one of our chairs, we’d like to come and see you sitting in it at your desk, in the area you move around in every day. As well as having an eye for how best to adjust our office chairs, we also look at other factors such as your height, the height of your desk, the space around you and the flooring. All of this is important in its own way.


We don’t just make chairs. We take a holistic approach.